Our Restaurant

The restaurant – café ‘GIBRALTAR’ has been a unique place from the beginning of the 50’s and up to this date, for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, the coolness of the sea and the summer sun. Our guests can relax under the thick leaved mulberry trees and our deep green vine arbor while having lovely sea views across Vathoudi bay.


The main feature of our restaurant is the traditional cuisine which is created by the mother of our family, Mrs. Marina. The business is been taken care of by the father Mr. Giannis and the two daughters Marianthi and Nikoleta who always wear a smile on their faces.

We pay great attention to fresh, pure and local products and also to raw materials. The family’s long experience in the food business has been acknowledged over the years. Our permanent clientele consists of locals, Greeks and also foreign customers who place their trust in our genuine and warm hospitality.

The main characteristic of the business and our family which is acknowledged and valued is that we prefer to consider our customers as guests, friends and not strangers. Proof thereof is that foreigners and Greeks from distant regions visit us repeatedly.

We invite you to join us..



Our tavern is known for the traditional Greek dishes and for seeing that it always offers the most fresh and delicious fish and sea food from our sea. The menu includes various salads depending on the season and various appetizers.

The dishes are accompanied with wine or tsipouro produced by our own vineyard or someone can choose bottled wine from a complete list of local and other wines from all over Greece. The cuisine differs depending on the season since mother’s cooking includes only fresh seasonal vegetables. Our dishes are prepared with virgin olive oil from our own production.


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Our Specialties include:
Langoustines with spaghetti, Spetzofai (spicy sausage and paprika dish), Rabbit Stifado, Lamb Kleftiko, Ntolmades with cabbage leaves, traditional cheese pie, Soutzoukakia (spicy meat balls), Mousaka (eggplant soufflé), Imam eggplants (stuffed eggplants) and other famous Greek delicatessen such as beef stew, Jemista (stuffed tomato or paprika), Pastitsio (spaghetti soufflé) etc.
Also fresh fish and seafood from the Pagasitic Gulf such as:
Sea bream, red mullet, langoustines, anchovies, sardines, squids, sea bass etc.